Hotel & Accommodation Facilities

When hotels are mentioned, the obvious thoughts revolve around accommodation and food. However, in this modern era, hotels are going out of their way to provide services that were not traditionally part of their core business. This means that they have developed their facilities to enhance other activities on their premises. What services are these and what facilities necessitate the provision of such services? What should you expect for hotel rooms and leicester city restaurants?

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Traditionally, there were a few hotels that were designed to be conferencing destinations in different cities. However, with increased demand for these services and the use of non-business destinations for business meetings and conferencing, many hotels now have conferencing facilities. These facilities include meeting rooms of different sizes to accommodate different groups, business centres, fast and reliable internet, conferencing equipment such as public address systems and projectors and many more. The quality of the conferencing facilities depend on whether the hotel would like to position itself as a conferencing destination or not. These hotels have also hired dedicated staff members to cater to their conferencing clients.

Event Grounds and Planning

Hotels now provide grounds and rooms that can be used for various events whether personal or public. These events include weddings, entertainment events, political events or even religious ones. The hotel may be hired to plan the event and ensure that the décor, the sitting arrangement and space are all in order. Events can also be hosted at the hotel restaurants from time to time when the need arises. 

Photo shoots

In the digital age, many brands are promoting their products and services on social media. This means that brands must invest in high quality photography services. For beautiful photographs, you need a beautiful background and while Photoshop may work miracles in some cases, in others, the brand must scout for well-maintained lawns and beautiful rooms for the shoot. Hotels can provide this through beautifully sculptured and maintained grounds, well lit and furnished rooms and favourable packages.

Event catering

Traditionally, hotels used to provide food in their restaurants and grounds only. However, in this day, the hotels provide outside catering services where they provide food and drink for events either on the hotels grounds or those that are in other places. This means that the hotel must invest in outside catering equipment and utensils and dedicated staff to do the job. They should also ensure that they have a reliable transport to enhance movement.

Thinking outside the traditionally role is becoming norm for all industries and the hotel industry is not an exception. Remember that clients look for service providers who can provide holistic services since it minimises the need to act with different teams for different things. Only those who are innovative and versatile will survive the competition and tough times in Leicester.